Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Man quote of the day

So this weekend we went on a little day trip to the mountains. It was quite fun, and I think I heard one of my favorite Little Man quotes that must be written down.

Sometime during the day (after about five Capri Sun's) Little Man tromped off into the bushes with Shane to take care of some business. He returned a few minute later hopping excitedly into camp the look on his face was that of pure elation and he exclaimed with pride and gusto, "Mom! I stood on a stump, and PEED on a bush!"

It really is appreciating the little things in life that truly brings us happiness isn't it...


beth - total mom haircut said...

Boys really are a different breed, aren't they? Although I guess it does sound kind of fun/satisfying in a very odd way:)

koster family said...

How cute...I wish it were that easy for us girls. Anyways, I was going to call and see what you were doing on Friday but we are going camping to Heise with my family I guess. I shouldn't complain, it should be pretty fun. My fear is that Brad will golf all day and guess where I'll be, the pool with Grayson--gotta love motherhood.