Monday, February 27, 2006

Super Boy

That's what he is. Yep, last night Mason was so delighted when I took his ball out of the dishwasher where he had left it and rolled it into the family room. He was in fact so delighted that he decided to go and get it himself. So we started out with the usual routine, he held my hand and started walking over there, but I guess that I wasn't walking fast enough, because next he just let go of my hand and started walking ON HIS OWN! He then walked to dad, the table, out of the room, he is a walking machine. I'm so excited, and yet there is this little piece of me that is saying, "who are you and what did you do with my baby," sigh... He changes everyday. I can barely keep up with him.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Valntine's Day

So it was Valentine's Day this week. And I thought to myself, "my how things have changed." I was most excited about dressing my little Mason up and taking him to visit people. I was floored when Shane suggested to me that instead of going out to dinner, we go out to breakfast. I mean not only did he actually know that the next day would be Valentine's, but he had thought about it and wanted to do something special, and last of all, I hadn't planned out any femine expectations for the day, AT ALL! and let me tell you I am pretty darn good at having unreasonable expectations at gift giving occasions. I was really impressed with Shane.

So we went to breakfast. I think that we may have been the only people in the restaurant that were under the age of sixty five, but it was great. We had so much fun chatting with each other, and eating eggs. I think that we will make it a Valentine's Day tradition. Mason came too and he did look pretty darn cute in his red sweatshirt and high top "All Stars" (thanks again auntie Brynne).

After Shane went to work, and Mason left me for naptime. I made a load of cup cakes, and decorated them with hearts and everything. So when M woke we surprised my mother in law at work with them. She showed Mason off to all her coworkers, and I felt really proud to have such a great little guy. I was told about alot of good things about child rearing, but nobody told me about the little details like all holidays are more fun. It was such a great day. I am so lucky to have two of the most wonderful men in the world living in my house.

This is the card we gave to Shane's mom. Isn't it sweet, he is so cute.