Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In honor of Ms. Rowling

My husband thinks that we have a house elf. To confirm this I asked him as pleasantly as I could yesterday what magic elf he thought was coming through and cleaning up his dishes each morning. Now this man isn't stupid and that's why I love him of course. He paused looked at me and said, "It isn't an elf its a princess." Thanks...I think, but put your dishes in the sink o.k.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our vacation at home

Last week Shane took the whole week (and the Thursday and Friday before that) off of work. I was worried at first that we would not be able to find enough things to do and that we would regret not using the vacation time to go somewhere exotic and expensive, but I was so very wrong. Our vacation at home was bliss I absolutely loved it.

Thursday we dusted off the four wheeler and went for a ride, grandpa was gracious enough to let us borrow his too and we had a great time. Little man looked especially cute in his helmet that made his head appear to be roughly four times its actual size, and yes its the sunglasses again could the kid be any more stylin'?

Friday we embarked on a camping trip with friends, it was so fun. Little man literally just rolled in the dirt for two days...he was in heaven. I am happy to say that he also slept like a champ in his own little sleeping bag, which made the trip much more pleasant for mommy and daddy.

Wednesday was spent doing all of the usual Fourth of July activities. Parades were watched, barbecues were attended, and fireworks were seen. Little man was a little upset with all of the loud noises until Shane came up with this plan...

That man o' mine he is a genius. Little man loved his "headphones" and instead of spending the entire time during the fireworks huddled in terror on our laps, he actually got a little bored during the, what can ya do?

We spent alot of days just at home too, we took naps, we ate out, we went on bike rides, it was fabulous.

For a finale to our vacation at home we headed to cache valley on Saturday. Logan is where Shane and I met, and dated. We both went to and graduated from college there. It is also where we spent our first years of marriage. It is where our first house is, and it is where the mountains are. For these reasons we love Logan, and we love to visit it. We decided to go down there for the annual "cruise in" a fun classic car show, but while we were there we visited some of our other favorite spots, and even ate at our most favorite Chinese place YU-MEEE. We took the time to drive up Logan canyon and visit Tony's Grove. This was probably one of my favorite things on our visit, because I love the mountains. I grew up in Salt Lake City at the base of the mountains, and I LOVE the mountains. I honestly can say that being surrounded by mountains makes me feel so comforted, much like I imagine little man feels about his blankie. Yes I can live without them, but when I am near them I just want to wrap them around me and take a nap. Seriously I love the mountains (did I mention that I love the mountains). After I'd soaked up some nature time we made our way back down to the valley and watched the main street car parade. Now I already told you what I love, but Shane loves something else entirely (besides me of course) Shane love cars. He LOVES them, so he was in heaven watching all of the meticulously painted, souped up, washed daily by hand, costs more than we want to know cars go up and down the street for two hours. Little man liked it too although some of the cars were a bit loud for his taste.

We had so much fun altogether, and all of us were sad when Shane had to go back to work on Monday, ah such is life.