Sunday, March 05, 2006


Ok so I have to say that today I feel a little bummed...Let me explain. It all goes back to about three or four months ago when I started to get excited for Mason's birthday. I know it sounds crazy, but I was so excited, I started thinking about what we would do and how it would be, and in my mind I had this beautiful picture of this house full of people. Shane's family was there and my parents and brothers and sisters had all driven in from out of town and were there, and Mason was adorable and funny and everyone fawned over him. In my vision of his perfect day he opens all of his presents and loves them all and plays with all of them, and then we all eat cake and Mason gets his own small cake that he eats with gusto and makes a big mess, providing me with a perfect photo op...

Let me tell you how it really went. First of all about two weeks ago Shane remembers that he is supposed to be on a business trip the week of Mason's birthday...uhg! Ok fine so instead of having the party on his actual birthday we decide to have it a few days before...ok small problem fixed. We decided to have the party on Saturday (yesterday). I decide that since Shane is going out of town Mason and I will go visit my family so of course they decide not to come up, ok fine. So I was a little disappointed at first but getting adapted to the new plan, and stayed up until one in the morning the night before getting things ready for the party. Before I slide into bed I tiptoe into Mason's room to check on him. On entering his room I am stopped cold, by the absolute most disgusting smell I have ever smelled, and I am taken aback. That wretched smell can't be coming from by my baby. I try not to gag and lean in to inspect. I reach down to lovingly feel my baby's head. EWWWW! my hand touches something cold and slimy, and I feel around and discover to my horror that my precious babe is sleeping in a puddle of vomit. (I guess its a testament to how well he sleeps now that it didn't even wake him up.) I leave the room because the fumes are getting to me and think about the best way to proceed. Everything I've learned over the past year says DO NOT WAKE A SLEEPING BABY, but this is crazy I can't let him sleep in that. So I go get Shane, he pops right out of bed, (he is such a good dad) and comes to my rescue. We pluck Mason out of bed and try to wipe him off, with the lights dimmed so he doesn't have to wake up too much, but we soon realize this is not a wiping off kind of mess, the damage is much more extensive than we realize. Shane starts a bath and Mason wakes right up (and is perfectly cheerful) I start to tackle the bedroom. YUUU-UUUCK is all I can say, but I eventually get it all cleaned up the smell lessens a bit and we're all feeling better when Mason pukes again. So we clean up again and then finally get our little bug to bed. He is happy as a clam throughout the entire experience and then goes back to bed without a fight. It was a wierd experience in all; from my description it sounds awful, but in a way it was a good experience. I loved working together with Shane to help Mason. I was so impressed with Shane, he really was great taking care of Mason, he is such a good dad.

The whole time though in the back of my mind I'm thinking, please don't be sick for your birthday party. So Mason sleeps through the whole night without anymore trouble and I am sure that he'll be better by morning, so a few hours later when morning does come. I give Mason a sippy cup of milk when he wakes up, because he is probably starving having puked out every last bit of his dinner last night. Well that was in his stomach about 30 whole seconds before it came spewing out all over me, I scream for help and Shane comes running with a towel, and poor Mason looks at us like, "What the heck is going on here!" Poor little one he is so sad and I am so sad (you would be too if you had just been covered in throw up," and well Shane he's a star, he snatches Mason up, and is so sweet and caring to him even though he is so stinky and gross. So we take Maso to the doctor he tells us to give him 1 teaspoon of pedialyte every five minutes all day. So we take him home and he is starving and we start giving him the pedialyte. Poor guy he is so hungry and so dehydrated, but he still acts happy as a clam. So when he finally goes down for a nap Shane runs to the store and rents a carpet cleaner, because the stench in our house is unbearable, and he cleans every inch of floor, and upholstery we can find (again I say what a guy). And finally the house becomes liveable again, (and I got my carpets cleaned to boot, woohoo). So we race to get everything cleaned up, because I am still trying to salvage the birthday party, and as we're cleaning Shane's Grandma calls, Grandpa is sick, very sick and won't be able to make it tonight. The poor guy has been sick for a year it seems and just can't seem to get better, we're all really worried about him. So that's very sad and disappointing, but we keep cleaning because at least Shane's mom, dad, and sister are still coming. So finally they show up and Mason is overjoyed, because they have brought the best present ever: a big bunch of balloons. And after Shane gets back from returning the carpet cleaner and taking his grandparents dinner we have a fun dinner, and Mason eats a little and doesn't puke, and we open presents.

Mason really doesn't get unwrapping presents yet, so Shane has to help him a lot, but he gets some fun new toys, and little outfits. I am most excited for him to open the present that I picked out for him, I am sure that he will abolutely love it, so he opens it and we put it together and turn it on...and it makes Mason CRY! In fact he's terrified of it, sigh...I TRIED! I REALLY TRIED!!!

So we still haven't had cake and so I get the cakes out, one big cake, and one little one for the birthday boy, you know the cakes I stayed up until one in the morning making and Mason is just too tired to eat cake, so at 7:00 pm we put the poor tired little guy in bed, and the rest of us have cake without him, no happy messy boy, and no photo op, sigh...

Altogether it was a nice night. Shane and I had a nice time visiting with his family, and then this morning Shane left on his trip, but I am feeling a little bit bummed today, I guess I just had so many expectations, and I was so excited to celebrate this birthday. I guess we have all come so far this year I really wanted to celebrate. Not that it was a bad day, just not what I expected. I probably sound dumb complaining so much, but you know what, after writing about it all I feel a little better now.