Monday, June 30, 2008

Conversation had at my house today

Today Little Man happened on a small pile of change.

Little Man: (examining a quarter) This one has a man on it.

Me: uh-huh

Little Man: (looking at a penny) This one has a trolley.

Me: yeah it does look like a trolley doesn't it?

Little Man: What's this one?

Me: A nickel

Little Man: It has an angry station on it.

Me: An angry station?

Little Man: Yeah.

Me: Why is it angry?

Little Man: (In a don't you know voice) Because it has too many doors.

Me: Too many doors?

Little Man: Uh yeah mom.


koster family said...

Aren't they funny.... How have you been? it's been awhile since we've talked. Remember, we need to find a time to take the kids to the zoo and park. Grayson doesn't really understand the zoo or care to look at the animals but he love stroller rides and I figure the zoo is shadier than my neighborhood. Call me sometime.

Michaella said...
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