Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Wonder of Boys

So yesterday was a much better day for those of you that were worried. Thanks for the encouragement.

I just have one funny story to share today. Last night I went in the bathroom where Shane was giving Maso a bath after another yogurt incident. We were talking away about something grownup and boring, and well I suppose that Maso felt a little neglected, becuase he chose that time to lean over grunt and, well,...fart. Yep, the kids made bubbles in the tub, and Shane and I being such refined and sofisticated parents burst into uncontrollable laughter. Well, at this point Maso was feeling very proud of himself, and DID IT AGAIN, and then while looking at us with pride and joy on his face he pointed to the water and said, "bubble!"

He is such a boy.


Morning Glory said...

Boys will be boys. However, so will girls. My daughters can still horrify me and they are over 30!

Nettie said...

That's funny! Of course, he'll outgrow the cuteness of that trick. From your perspective anyways. My husband still giggles at his own farts!

And I'm so glad you are doing better!

Rachelle said...

LOL! Boys are so much fun!

Mike said...


My 3-year old joins me in my morning exercises. He bops his head and butt. Then he passes gas.

Worst, he looks at me and shouts for all to hear, “Daddy, stop doing that!”


surcie said...

My boy is always laughing at his "farps," and he did NOT get that from me. What is it with males and potty humor, anyway?

kate said...

passing gas in the tub is one of the funner things in life to a little boy.

we're very refined parents too, so we actually sing when someone farts. "ooh, ooh, daddy did a farty!"

and now our little one blames others for his. "uncle t, did that!" right. uncle t is at home--2 hours away!