Monday, September 25, 2006

We're Back

What a fabulous weekend we had! Hubby and I left little man home with grandma, and went to...Egypt. Yep, you read that right we went to Egypt, just for the night. It was fabulous.

It was so great to be just me and Shane for awhile, and since grandma was sleeping at our house with the litte guy we didn't even have to worry about him. In fact after being in Egypt for a few hours I have to admit that not only did we not worry about him, we didn't talk about him, and I spent entire minutes not even thinking about him. Now dearies don't get me wrong you know I love the little man, but you know sometimes I worry that parenthood has completely eclipsed couplehood, which is fine I guess, but its nice to know that Shane and I still have things to talk about besides what new words we learned today, and how much little man ate that day (or even better how much little man pooped that day).

I learned this weekend that motherhood has put me into a constant state of hurried/stress mode. As we left for our romantic get away I couldn't shake the feeling that we needed to hurry and get there, I realized that I feel that way, because every other place I ever go is done in the company of the ticking tantrumy-grabby-breaky-things 18 month old time bomb that is my little boy (hence my new resolve to do all my shopping on the internet from now on, because paying the extra shipping cost is better than the looks I get for the 17 yr old store clerks who will have to clean up the mess that my toddler just made while my attention was averted for a whole 4 seconds). It took realizing this to help me to really relax, and after I did it was wonderful. We had a great time, and I am so glad that I am married to such a wonderful man. Happy Anniversary Love.


Nettie said...

What a fun getaway! I know what you mean about the hurried feeling. I have to remind myself sometimes that life doesn't need to always run by the clock. It's hard to remember, though!

emlouisa said...

lol about the hurriedness. I feel like this all the time and it drives me NUTS!

Happy Anniversary1

beth said...

Oh Happy Anniversary. That sounds soooo nice. I can TOTALLY relate to the ticking time bomb thing; I'm constantly in a state of rush. I go through stores without even stopping the cart from moving.