Thursday, April 10, 2008

Self expresion through licensing

So the other day I'm waiting at a red light and I see this shiny new Saab in front of me. I'm thinking to myself what a pretty car it is, and feeling a little jealous from the driver's seat of my oh so average mommy car, when I read the border around the license plate it says...
"Edward Cullen's got nothing on me"
For a brief irrational moment I wanted to jump out of my mommy car and slide into the plush passenger seat of the that Saab and let it drive me away. Then the light turned green and we all returned to our regularly scheduled lives.


Sara said...

Don't tell me you've read the vampire books too?!?! I'm almost embarrassed to say that I read them all in one week. Oh how I loved that Edward Cullen...even if his girlfriend just about drove me to insanity. I've yet to meet a literary character that bugs as much as Bella.

jd said...

OH this had me cracking UP! Less than a year ago we moved into minivan status!

MMMMMMM! yeah I would be tempted to slip into the saab too!