Sunday, February 03, 2008

What will they think of next? and the week in pictures

These things come with demo babies now?

I call this one "Dad You Missed a Spot"

And really I can say that this one probably deserves a post of its own, but its not getting it, because I'm busy like that. This is just another example of how this boy loves his dad. Everything that dad does is magic, and cool, and exciting. Little Man followed Shane around for half an hour helping him paint the walls. When I asked him what he was doing he said with pride, "I'm learning to help dad!." How sweet is that?

We tried solid foods this week,
and I think that if Baby bug could talk he would have said, "Oh man! Where has this stuff been hiding my whole life?" He loved it.

And last, but not least...I call this one "Mom I'm Tired of Blogging"


Lei said...

Holy cute pictures!

jennyonthespot said...

Sooooo cute! My fave is the blogging one... of course!

HolyMama! said...

i adore the apparent skepticism of your cute Pull Ups model!

koster family said...

I love your new posts, your children are growing up, we really need to get together sometime soon. As soon as the weather warms up lets start walking, what do you think?