Monday, December 31, 2007

Play Dough

I have made a new goal to be a fun mommy, well at least a little bit fun mommy, so little man and I have been doing some projects together. A few days ago we got out the play dough. Now I know that many of you mommies out there fun or not are cringing at the idea of play dough in all its crumbly easily squished into carpet messiness, but I decided to be brave and give it a try with my two year old. Well he loved it, and took to it immediately, carefully squishing and rolling and molding. The boy was in heaven I have never seen him work so intently on ANYTHING. Just look at the concentration on that face. He was like one of the great masters at work, carefully choosing his tools and making his shapes and marks in the dough.

Soon more colors were called for and there was more precise, careful work applied to the dough, I knew that my little Michaelangelo was making something wonderful, and not wanting to interrupt the creative process I stood back and waited patiently for the finished masterpiece. Finally my little man carefully lined up his three finished sculptures and announced with pride, "look mom! They're raccoons."

And yes there in front of me were the three most beautiful raccoons I had ever seen. They were totally worth the mess.


Lei said...

Good for you - letting loose like that. ;) Lol!

JD said...

That is awesome! I never thought about giving the forks to them to design with. Great sculpting tool!