Thursday, October 12, 2006


Tuesday we went to Artic Circle for lunch, of course Little Man doesn't know that we go there for lunch. In fact he always seems really surprised when I strap him into one of those wooden high chairs and try to make him eat french fries. The poor kid he is so put upon. Little Man thinks that we go to artic circle for the play place that is housed there. It is shaped like a gigantic fish and has two slides a big one and a little one. Being an only child my little Bugaboo has always loved to see all of the other kids playing around him, but he usually just hangs out at the bottom of the fish steps letting the other kids whir and rotate around him.

Well this week he surprised me. As I chatted and with the other moms from the table I was sitting at I saw Little Man easily climb the steps to the first slide he sat himself down at the top of the slide and then started to look for me. I knew that what he wanted was for me to help him down the slide. He loves slides, but always likes mom or dad to hold on to him a little when sliding down. I could see him, but he hadn't spotted me yet so I just kept quiet and stayed in my seat, wanting to see what bugaboo would do. Sure enough after a few seconds of hesitation my little man slid down the slide ALL BY HIMSELF! I was so proud and so was Little Man he got to the bottom of the slide and stood up and started looking for me again, this time he spotted me and trotted right over to where I was. He hopped over to me beaming, and chattered all about what he had done. Of course I didn't understand anything that he said, but I am sure that if I could speak baby it would have translated to "Mom, did you see that! I went all the way down the slide all by myself!" He went down the slide over and over again and I had to drag him away when it was time to go.

It made me feel so good to see Bugaboo do something so brave, because confidence is something that I have really wanted to give to my son. As a child I was an extremely fearful child, you name it, I was afraid of it. If there was something to worry about, I would do it. I didn't like camping because I was afraid that the tent would fall over on me. I didn't like being left in the car while my mom ran to the neighbors doorstep for a minute because I was a afraid that the car would roll away. I was terrified of fog, because I was afraid that my parents wouldn't be able to find their way home from wherever we were. Seriously I had issues. I think part of the problem was that I was hard wired to be more worried than perhaps another child, but I also think that I lacked alot of confidence that could have been learned. And later in my life, I did learn a little more confidence, but it took years. So when I started to notice that Little Man seemed particularily fearful in unknown situations, and especially of people, I figured that he had inherited a little of my worrier streak. But I don't want Bogaboo to spend his entire childhood doubting himself, so I've been trying to make a conscious effort not to enable his fearfulness. Nothing big, I just try not to run to the rescue whenever there is a task before him that I know he can handle, but doesn't want to. I have been trying to leave him with a babysitter that isn't grandma every now and then. I've been trying not to over dramatize the little falls and scrapes, and instead cheer for him when he gets up, and I guess that's the big thing, I try to remember to cheer for him whenever I can, because when you're one and a half every little victory is a big one. So yes when he went down the slide all by himself it was a big deal and it made us both feel really proud.

Later that day, in honor of Shane being home for the afternoon (a needed break from what is truning out to be a stressful work week month), Bugaboo and I took Dad to the park. Now the park had a much bigger slide. Bugaboo led Shane straight up to the slide and slid right down.

This time I waited at the bottom, just in case, because it was a lot bigger and I was nervous he might slide himself right off the end, but he did great, and had a great time showing his dad all of the park features.

It was such a fun outing we chased ducks,

rolled in fall leaves,

and yes slid down many more slides. I think that this is what life is about. Celebrating the little accomplishment and cheering each other on.

This post is dedicated to my dear husband, who has not gotten to see as much of his family as of late because he carries the burden of protector and provider and has had to work. I am so grateful that he works so hard for us, and that everyday he makes Bugaboo and I feel like we truly are what is important in life.


Jeri said...

Nicole your hair is so long. I have not seen it that long since the year 1999. It is pretty.

Nettie said...

What a brave little boy! I think that it is wonderful you are taking the time to get in ducks, leaves and lots of slides into his life!