Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bumps in the night, and lumps in my bed...

Shane has been out of town all week this week. I hate it when Shane goes out of town because in all honesty it. freaks. me. out. This is something they don't tell you about marriage. They don't tell you that once you get married you will be petrified to sleep in your house by yourself, or worse with your defenseless toddler sleeping down the hall, you being the only one there to protect him from the boogy man who is no doubtedly lurking just outside, and waiting for you to turn the lights off. Seriously, I have got to stop watching CSI.

One thing I was excited for this week was to sleep on "the cloud." The Cloud is the most wonderfully soft and lovely bed I have ever slept on. It was a wedding present from my mother who works at a furiniture store thus getting a great discount and so she was able to slpurge a little on this one. I love this bed, the only problem with it is that Shane is quite tall 6'7" to be exact, and so the queen size bed was a little small for him. So after a few years of sleeping with his feet hanging over the edge, he decided that we really needed to upgrade to a larger bed the California king. Now Shane fits just great in bed his bed, but oh I still miss the cloud bed. The big one just isn't nearly as comfortable and soft. So I thought this week since Shane was gone, and I was sleeping by myself anyhow, that I would sleep on the cloud downstairs in the guest room (oh those lucky guests). So the first night I went to sleep down there, and I chickened out, the basement seemed, well way creepy to me. I just couldn't do it. So I've been sleeping in my regular bed all week, but oh you are thinking at least I get to sleep in the middle instead clinging to one side all night right? Oh, no no no, I rolled over to the middle and felt like I was sleeping on a barrel! Yep you guessed, Shane and I each have our own respective body divets in the bed. So I settled into my own little body impression, and soon fell fast asleep, oh wait I mean laid awake all night listening to all of the weird noises that my house makes, and hoped they were not the boogy man.


In other news Song Bird Design (my little business) got another order this week. Beth from Total Mom Haircut (don't you love that title) was one of the people that responded to my coupon offer a little while ago, and this week I made her a new address announcement card. This is the first moving announcement that I've done, so it was really a fun project to do. Here are the designs I made for her to choose from:

And this is the design that she decided to print.


Queen Beth said...

I am the same way when The King leaves town. My imagination goes wild. And I end up freaking myself out and sleeping with a knife under the mattress.

Love your moving cards! Those were very cute!

beth said...

Wow. There's nothing like going to someone else's blog and finding a bunch of pics of my kid for a change! Still love them. SO excited.

We have the barrel too. I was really disappointed when I discovered it. And yeah, when Hubby is out of town I get totally freaked out. I don't know why because frankly if we ever had a problem at night he would sleep right through it, but still. It's scary and certainly something I wish someone would have told me about before I got married.

Nettie said...

Cute, cute, cute!

I've had to spend way more nights without DH than I'd like over the years. I recomend a dog. A BIG one.