Wednesday, August 23, 2006

C'mon I Know You're Out There

So for those of you who don't know a few months ago I started my own little business. I have worker really hard on it, and learned a ton, it's been a fabulous journey, but lately business has been a little slow (ok really slow). Which is not what I planned for my fabulous business, so today I am offering to my loyal readers a wonderful prize for reading today. The next three people to email me will receive a 40% off coupon that they can use on an order of custom announcement from Song Bird Design. Now I know that you're excited, but you are also thinking what's the catch? Well this is the catch (sorry) the coupons expire in one month, so only take it if you can use it soon. So send your friends with new babies, weddings, birthday parties, or any other major life event to announce my way. I promise you will love you your completely unique announcements from Song Bird Design.

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Lei said...

You do such a fabulous job, Nicole!