Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Litigation takes the fun out of everything

I mean it. What is the deal?

Wait, let me explain. So today I got a lovely email in my inbox it read:

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for responding to the River Ranch website regarding the moth you found in your Popeye Spinach (including the photos) we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. River Ranch does everything we can to try to prevent this type of thing from happening. We would like to send you some free Popeye coupons for any inconvenience this has caused. Would you please email your address and I will send those coupons right away.

Thank you again,

Customer Service
River Ranch Fresh Foods,LLC

Isn't that nice? and I mean that sincerely, they responded quickly and appropriately to my bug problem, but still I can't help but hear a hint of worry in their admit no wrong doing, and offer coupons to pacify the customer email. I mean wouldn't it have been more truthful if Terry had just said, "We do our best, but hey! moths love spinach. What can ya do?" or even better than truthful it would have been downright funny if she'd said, "Ok you caught us, we're using Popeye to sneak bugs into the diets of all Americans. Can we buy your silence with some coupons." But of course Terry can't say something like that, because I just might be a crazy, mean lady who has her lawyer on speed dial and has been just waiting for the day when I find a bug in my spinach.

Yes I admit, finding the moth in my spinach was very gross, but really I'm going to live. And I do understand, moths probably do really like spinach. Now I know that I complained ALOT in that last post about the bug, but part of that was just showing off for some of my blogger pals. Really I think that the world might be a better place if we all cut each other a little slack now and then. Ya know what I mean? Then Terry could write witty emails to the complaining customers, and make them laugh. I mean really I think I would take a good laugh over a coupon for free spinach any day.


ShelahBooksIt said...

yuck! I have a friend whose family got food poisoning after eating Papa John's and when she called to complain they offered her a free pizza. Duh-- like you're ever going to eat that stuff again!

emlouisa said...

Okay, too disgusting about the bug thing again. Must you keep bringing it up? ;)

And did you read this about my complaint to Sassy? Customer service at its finest.