Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back Again

Ok I know all you faithful readers (oh wait...) ok I know I really missed my blogging, but luckily I am back again. Newly resolved to start writing about my daily adventures in my blog. You see I haven't written as of late because I have been on a quest. Let me chronicle it for you...You might want to pull up a chair for this one.

Ok so about ten months ago I am having major mommy guilt because my little baby doesn't have a scrapbook, with cute little cute cut out pictures and such. I have about a million pictures of him, but honestly, and try not to judge me, I hate scrapbooking. I am not good at it and it takes FOR-EV-ER to do, and for those of you that know me you will lovingly nod your heads when I say that patience is not one of my virtues. So I am looking on the web for another option when I stumble upon digital scrapbooking. Oh I love this! No paper scraps, no glue, just me and my computer, how fabulous is this! So I read about a million tutorials, and I actually over the course of a few months become somewhat proficient at Photoshop, this is a major accomplishment for me and I feel very proud of myself. It is then that I notice that every digi scrapper whose anybody has a blog, so I build one of those too. Ok I'm really on a role now, I even learn a little html so that I can put links on my blog, and then it friend brings to me a picture of her little boy and says, "do you think that you could make this into an invitation for his birthday party?" No problem! I think, but then that invitation turns out to be really, really cute, and I start thinking wouldn't it be great if you could send someone your adorable kids pictures and they could make you a cute baby announcement, or birthday card, or Christmas card? And then I keep thinking and I think wouldn't it be great if people sent me their adorable kids pictures and I made then into cute announcements and cards. "Oh if only I knew how to build myself a website," I lament to my husband (who has two degrees in Computer Science), and much to my surprise he says,"html isn't that hard you can do it." WHAT!?! I think as I was actually expecting him to say "Sure love, I'll get right on that." So I pout for a few days lamenting over my lack of website for my fabulous business idea, and then I google 'html tutorials' and what do you know, its not that hard...Ok I take that back. Its a little tricky and it takes several weeks of very hard work, and I have learned a ton, but I built myself a website. I am so proud of it. I am still waiting patiently for that first order, but I know it will come, one of these days, it will come.

So that is where I've been the last few months, working away on my fabulous new business venture. I know you all have missed me, but I am back now, and ready to blog faithfully, ok semi-faithfully.


emlouisa said...

Oooh....I should TOTALLY start digi scrapbooking. Hmmmmm. I take forever to do it the regular way and it would be so nice just to do it on the computer. Can you print it out? I am SO emailing you about this.

Nettie said...

WOW! That is an amazing journey. Your work is so fabulous. I am with you on the reality scrapbooking thing. Maybe I should try the virtual kind, too?